And so it begins

Howdy! Is this thing on? Welcome to my blog! I cannot believe I’m actually doing this, but here I am… and so it begins.

Before I get into why I am doing this, allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Sabrina Cheikhali (pronounced check-all-lee), and I am originally from Miami, Florida. I grew up in Miami for 22 years of my life, and as I write this, I will be turning 23 next month. I attended the University of Miami (go ‘Canes!) for 4 of the greatest years of my life, and graduated with my Bachelors in Marketing and Business Law in May of 2018. I accepted my full-time job offer just as I was starting my senior year, and it required that I relocated to St. Louis for the position. After about 25 seconds of thought, 1 deep conversation with my mom, and another conversation with my boyfriend, Nick, I accepted the position and counted down the days until I had to leave everything and everyone I knew. Luckily for me, Nick moved up with me and now we’re a family of 4 – the two of us, and our pups Chamaco (a 9 year-old, snoring Boston Terrier) and Charlie (a 2 year-old, high-strung Corgi).

My parents are originally from Syria and emigrated to the U.S. long before I was born, making me a first gen. Syrian-American that is fluent in broken-Arabic phrases and loves all things Middle Eastern. Having spent my whole life in Miami, I have learned so much (probably too much) about Cuban and Caribbean culture and all of its delicious food. A lot of the recipes you’ll see on my site are influenced by both of these: my heritage and my upbringing in Miami.

Now, for the meat and potatoes (ha) of why I decided to start Just a bit of Salt aka JaboS. Just before January 1st of 2019, I decided, on a whim, to create a food blog. I had grown up cooking and watching the Food Network religiously and cooking became such a huge part of my life early on. Living on my own meant I had to ~survive~ and because I was working full-time, I resorted to meal prepping on the weekends to feed my boyfriend and me through the work week. It became a hobby of mine. I struggled to think of “what my passion was in life.” I don’t sing, dance, write, photograph, draw, paint, sculpt, etc. etc. etc., and because of that, I was stuck trying to figure out what my creative outlet was. It dawned on me that my creative outlet was cooking! I had been doing it my whole life that it just became – prepare for the cliche statement – apart of me. Once I started my job, I realized that I had so much free-time because I was no longer going to school + working retail hours + tutoring kids + being involved on campus + maintaining a social life and I wanted to fill this void and thought “why not create a food blog” which would serve as this creative outlet that I was seeking and it would give me something to do with my spare time.

And thus, Just a bit of Salt was born. I hope it inspires you to do something you never thought you would, and I hope it shines a bit of light on who this individual (me) is. With that, let’s get to cooking!

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  1. Alina Zerpa says:

    Love it! Can’t wait to read more!


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